Nut Bars product range image

Our delicous nut bars have crunchy golden roasted peanuts in every bar and have been fine tuned to hit just the right sweet and salty balance; a nut bar that truly delivers on its name.

Nut Bars
Muesli Bars product range image

The tasty Nice & Natural Supergrains & Superfruits muesli range is helping to keep muesli bars fresh and interesting with flavours  blending the goodness of wholegrain oats, fruit and ancient grain combinations.

Muesli Bars
Protein Nut Bars product range image

To make our Protein Nut Bars we use nuts, soy crisps and seeds as our source of protein and then combine them with delicious superfoods so you get one of the best tasting Protein Nut Bars possible. With 25% protein and less than 4g sugar per bar this is a snack that will help satisfy your craving while still tasting amazing. With no artifical colours or flavours they are the perfect protein bar for on the go.

Protein Nut Bars
Whole Seed Bars product range image

Nice & Natural Whole Seed Bars are a tasty and convenient answer. Scrumptious sunflower & pumpkin seeds are combined with delicious superfoods, then either half dipped in chocolate or sprinkled with fruit. They may sound indulgent, but they only contain 4g of sugar per bar*.

Whole Seed Bars
Original Peanut product image
Original Peanut
Yoghurt product image
Mixed Berry product image
Mixed Berry
Apricot product image
Chocolate product image
Trail Mix product image
Trail Mix
Almond product image
Peanut & Cashew product image
Peanut & Cashew
Chocolate Almond product image
Chocolate Almond
Chocolate Peanut product image
Chocolate Peanut
Chocolate Apricot product image
Chocolate Apricot
Raspberry & Pomegranate product image
Raspberry & Pomegranate
Strawberry & Blackcurrant product image
Strawberry & Blackcurrant
Cranberry & Blueberry product image
Cranberry & Blueberry
Apple Cinnamon product image
Apple Cinnamon
Almond Chocolate product image
Almond Chocolate
Apricot, Coconut, Spelt & Chia Seeds product image
Apricot, Coconut, Spelt & Chia Seeds
Tropical & Yoghurt product image
Tropical & Yoghurt
Choc Squiggle product image
Choc Squiggle
Strawberry & Yoghurt product image
Strawberry & Yoghurt
Arabica Coffee & Dark Chocolate product image
Arabica Coffee & Dark Chocolate
Coconut & Dark Chocolate with Freeze Dried Raspberries product image
Coconut & Dark Chocolate with Freeze Dried Raspberries
Dark Chocolate & Cacao product image
Dark Chocolate & Cacao
Salted Caramel product image
Salted Caramel
Cranberry, Goji Berry & Quinoa product image
Cranberry, Goji Berry & Quinoa
Vanilla Flavour, Sesame & Milk Chocolate product image
Vanilla Flavour, Sesame & Milk Chocolate
Coconut, Dark Chocolate with Goji Berry product image
Coconut, Dark Chocolate with Goji Berry
Cranberry & Raspberry Flavour product image
Cranberry & Raspberry Flavour